Set up this fun Letter Rescue easy alphabet activity for your toddler or homeschool preschool routine in just a minute! Learning the ABC can be so easy and fun! The best thing about it – no need for preschool printables! Preschool printables free or not, need almost always to be printed out… We printed unfortunately … Read more

Our First HOmeschool Preschool Week

Homeschool Preschool Week 1

Check out how was our first homeschool preschool week! Our first weekly theme was the Numbers 1 to 5. Easy & fun! Great start for our new little homeschool. We did some really fun preschool activities. Because of the great weather, our homeschool preschool took place mainly outdoors and we spend some time on the … Read more


Toddler Halloween Activities (4)

Check out these super easy and fun Halloween preschool crafts for kids! They are so easy and fun to make! These cute pumpkins jack-o’-lantern and scary ghosts are great for toddlers and preschoolers at home! How to make them? It’s so easy and fun! These Halloween preschool DIY crafts for kids can be used for … Read more

Healthy oatmeal pancakes for breakfast

How about healthy oatmeal pancakes for breakfast? Great idea! So, guys today I’m making some super yummy, healthy pancakes for breakfast. We found some great ideas to try out. So, today we are trying one of the Top 5 Oatmeal Pancakes recipes from Toddler in Action. We decided to make the 10-minute Oatmeal Pancake Recipe … Read more


Is there anything more exciting than to prepare your own a no cook playdough WITHOUT cream of tartar? Probably, yes, but this playdough is very close to the top of the exciting DIY things for a 3-year-old. Besides, there are so many benefits of playing with playdough despite the fact that it’s just being fun. … Read more

Outdoor dinosaur beach sensory bin


Check out this super fun outdoor dinosaur beach sensory bin! Super easy to set up, this easy sensory activity will keep your toddler safely busy for a while. Aiden loves to be in the water and there is not much I can do to keep him out of the water when we are at the … Read more

Outdoor Painting fun & Easy summer activity

Outdoor painting is a great summer activity, that is not only super fun, but also extremely easy to set up. Great for us, that it’s already summer! For anyone with backyard, outdoor painting is a must. But also parents and kids who live in the cities can make their evening walks more exiting and add … Read more

How do you make chicken soup from scratch?

Today, Aiden will show you how to cook a yummy chicken soup at home. It’s super easy to prepare it, so give it a try, even if you are a 2-year-old, almost 3-year-old toddler. If you are a parent or a grandparent, you can help out too. But only help out, you know that young … Read more

One Potato Two Potatos Toddler Activity

One Potato Two Potatos

This One Potato, Two Potato toddler activity is just great. We helped Aiden to set it up in no time. Not only he helped to wash the potatos, but also he peeled, counted, sang. One thing is for sure, this simple One Potato Two Potato toddler activity will keep your little one busy with fun … Read more