Healthy oatmeal pancakes for breakfast

How about healthy oatmeal pancakes for breakfast? Great idea! So, guys today I’m making some super yummy, healthy pancakes for breakfast. We found some great ideas to try out. So, today we are trying one of the Top 5 Oatmeal Pancakes recipes from Toddler in Action. We decided to make the 10-minute Oatmeal Pancake Recipe … Read more

Outdoor Painting fun & Easy summer activity

Outdoor painting is a great summer activity, that is not only super fun, but also extremely easy to set up. Great for us, that it’s already summer! For anyone with backyard, outdoor painting is a must. But also parents and kids who live in the cities can make their evening walks more exiting and add … Read more

One Potato Two Potatos Toddler Activity

One Potato Two Potatos

This One Potato, Two Potato toddler activity is just great. We helped Aiden to set it up in no time. Not only he helped to wash the potatos, but also he peeled, counted, sang. One thing is for sure, this simple One Potato Two Potato toddler activity will keep your little one busy with fun … Read more