Set up this fun Letter Rescue easy alphabet activity for your toddler or homeschool preschool routine in just a minute! Learning the ABC can be so easy and fun! The best thing about it – no need for preschool printables! Preschool printables free or not, need almost always to be printed out… We printed unfortunately so much in the last months, so lately, we try to do everything without printing and to save more trees and nature for our little ones!

Purpose of this Alphabet Activity

This hands-on learning is great for 2-year-old as well 3-year-old.

It increases letter recognition skills. Use upper case and lower case letters when possible. Additionally, it helps your toddler and preschooler to practice their fine motor skills.


You would need the following things to set up the activity:

  1. Wooden letters, letter blocks (upper case and lower case letters when possible)
  2. Ikea storage bin
  3. Duct Tape
  4. Spoon or tongs
  5. Objects with easy three letter names/words. We used hand puppets – pig, cow, frog, toy food egg

If you want you can easily turn this activity into an alphabet sensory bin, just add some flour.


  1. Use the duct tape to create a sticky web on the storage bin.
  2. Place the wooden letters and blocks inside and give your little one a spoon or tongs to “rescue” the letters.
  3. Put the first object on the sticky web and ask your child what beginning, medial, or ending sound they hear. Let them rescue it.
  4. Repeat until your objects are done.

You can repeat the activity daily for better results.

We recommend to use lower case letters first. We made the mistake to start with the upper case letters, so now we still have some challenges with lower case letters, that are more important as 90% of the written language in English are lower case letters. In contrast to German, where every noun starts with a upper case letter.

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Happy Learning!

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