Check out these super easy and fun Halloween preschool crafts for kids! They are so easy and fun to make! These cute pumpkins jack-o’-lantern and scary ghosts are great for toddlers and preschoolers at home!

How to make them? It’s so easy and fun! These Halloween preschool DIY crafts for kids can be used for different homeschool activities, sensory bins and bags.

So, get inspired and share some of your ideas too!


To make these Cute Jack-o’-lantern and Scary Ghosts, a 3-year-old like Aiden, will need few simple materials:

  1. Few dry white beans
  2. Orange & black acrylic paint
  3. Normal sized and thin watercolour brush
  4. Paper
  5. Disposable plate


Scary Ghosts:

Place the white beans on a kitchen paper and use a thin brush and black acrylic paint to paint two big black ghost eyes and a scary ghost black mouth. Place carefully the ghosts on the kitchen paper and let them dry.

Cute Jack-o’-lantern

Put some orange acrylic paint on the disposable plate and roll them with the normal sized brush well into the paint until they become completely orange. Wait until they dried out a little and place them on a kitchen paper. When the orange painted beans are completely dry, use the thin brush and the black acrylic paint to paint their eyes and mouth.

Place them again carefully on the kitchen paper and let them dry.

That’s it!

Halloween Crafts for Kids

And here is what we did with!

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Happy Learning!