Our First HOmeschool Preschool Week

Check out how was our first homeschool preschool week! Our first weekly theme was the Numbers 1 to 5. Easy & fun! Great start for our new little homeschool. We did some really fun preschool activities. Because of the great weather, our homeschool preschool took place mainly outdoors and we spend some time on the beach too.

Our indoor preschool activities included our daily circle time activities, writing, reading and cutting practice. We did plan

HandWriting Practice

Do we still need handwriting skills in our age of increasing technology? Maybe not so much as 30 years ago. However, it’s better to learn handwriting than to relay solely on technology. We want still to be able to write a note, if all the technology breaks down one day. Moreover, science suggests, that the handwriting experience is important for letter processing in the brain, so another good reason, to practice handwriting every day.

One thing we know for sure! Learning to write letters is not a simple task! We need our fine motor skills improved. So, practice, practice, practice.

Aiden practiced to write the capital case and lower case letters A, B, C, D, and E every day. We have planned actually to practice letter a day, but he preferred to do them all instead.

Further more, we practiced writing numbers and tracing shapes. We used our Homeschool Preschool Materials from our Homeschool Preschool Planner.

Cutting Practice

Cutting is his new favourite activity. He cuts basically everything. Unfortunately. Even tried with my hair, after his dad suggested it.

Reading Practice

We combine the handwriting practice with early reading. We work first on fast letter and sound recognition.


This week, we decided to explore and dedicate to some insects and Arachnids.

We used our magnifier glass and explored insects and arachnids whenever, wherever we could! Huh! Do all insects have 6 legs? Indeed, they do. We counted and counted and found out that this statement is completely true. All insects we found had six legs (three pairs of legs) and four wings (two pairs).

About the Arachnids, was a little bit harder to explore – we checked out only the spiders and daddy longlegs! Stay away from ticks and scorpions!

Join us next week again!

Happy Learning!

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